Fisher-Glanz productions is an independent film company based in world famous Hollywood, CA. It was created in 2008, when award winning Hollywood producer Yan Fisher and a prolific Russian actor and successful businessman Petr Ivashchenko (Pete Glanz) joined forces to develop original content for feature film and television for a worldwide audience.

Fisher-Glanz is actively pursuing a full range of new relationships and strategic alliances with financiers, production companies and filmmakers worldwide. This will facilitate the company's growth and production of countless successful, critically acclaimed and internationally appealing films every year.

Fisher-Glanz has already forged strong international ties for upcoming co-production projects as well as relationships with Hollywood studios, talent agencies and other highly regarded individuals in the industry.

Fisher-Glanz also provides services such as:
·     Creative consulting
·     Script evaluations and rewrites
·     Talent attachments
·     Production and post-production planning

For productions looking to shoot in the US or in need of a US element in their project. They also have the necessary contacts and know-how to secure U.S. State subsidies that can cover up to 40% of a production's U.S. spending.

Fisher-Glanz productions welcomes new material and ideas and are always looking to expand their co-producing opportunities with new and established companies all over the world.

In addition to developing original content and providing production support, Fisher-Glanz has also established a celebrity bridge between Hollywood and Russia. Giving them the ability to arrange a Hollywood celebrity to make a personal appearance at your next high profile event, concert, award show, product launch, etc.

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